Car Automotive - Lightroom Mobile Presets

Car Automotive Lightroom Presets XMP & DNG

Car Automotive - Lightroom Mobile Presets

For automotive photography enthusiasts, one of the best lightroom presets that is quite popular is car automotive lightroom presets. car automotive presets have been set in adobe lightroom, for various aspects such as lighting, contrast, color, and other effects. these lightroom presets can create your photos to look more attractive and professional.

Car automotive presets aim to improve the look of your car photos by focusing on elements such as color sharpness and clarity. By using car automotive presets, your car photos will stand out and have a consistent look to your photos with just one click.

Conclusion car automotive presets save you time during the editing process and have consistent results that are very useful for portfolios or social media feeds. in addition, this lightroom preset has flexibility that you can adjust according to your needs, such as adjusting color sharpness, contrast, exposure or others.

Presets in DNG and XMP formats are compatible with :

  1. Lightroom CC
  2. Lightroom ClasicCC
  3. Lightroom Mobile

How to Install Lightroom Presets on Desktop :

  1. Open Lighroom Classic and click Develop. "Make sure to import photos into the libary first"
  2. In the left panel, click the (+) icon in the Presets panel.
  3. Select Import from the dropdown menu
  4. Find the ZIP file or XMP Presets file that you have downloaded and Import it.
  5. Done, you will see Car Automotive Presets in the presets panel.

How to Install Lightroom Presets Mobile :

Before Installing Presets make sure your phone has downloaded the iZip application to help extract ZIP files.

  1. Open Lightroom Mobile and create a new album
  2. Open the Album, then click Add (+) and select "From Files" then navigate to the DNG File and Load it
  3. After you add and open the DNG file, click the three dots on the top right and select Create Preset
  4. Name Free Download Presets & Save
  5. to find the preset you have saved, In edit mode, navigate to 'Presets' > 'User Presets' and click on 'Car Automotive Presets' or click on the presets you have created earlier
  6. Done, now you can use Free Download Presets to your desired photos. 

For those of you who want to know how to make lightroom presets Car Automotive, we have provided a tutorial on our youtube channel.

Free Download Lightroom Presets Car Automotive

  • The file is protected by a password.
  • Please check the password in this video on youtube "Lah Free Presets", will appear any time on your screen (upper middle).
  • The password is a 4 digit number, will appear separately and random.

Note: it is likely that when you use car automotive Lightroom Presets there will be slight differences from the example. because basically every photo has a different exposure or contrast. you can adjust the exposure or contrast to get colors that you think are suitable or emphasize a certain atmosphere. so, don't hesitate or be afraid to try new things. and see how your photos become works of art that captivate the audience and have their own charm. most importantly, enjoy the process and make your photos look different and attract the attention of the audience.

Make your photo more different from your friends enjoy my presets.
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